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Three Family Friendly Ways To Spend Spring Break

Spring Break is fast approaching, and with it beautiful weather and fun opportunities to bond with your family!

We have some great ideas for fun, family friendly ways to spend your Spring Break, from treasure hunting to full-on vacationing! Continue reading

Fun and Off The Wall Holidays To Celebrate This March!

March usually gets all of its popularity because of St. Patrick’s Day. But did you know there are lots of other fun and off the wall holidays to celebrate with your family this March?

Each of these holidays can be a fun, even educational, way to connect with your kids. How many have you heard of? Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids – Hearts Galore!

Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, pink, and love.

Even if you aren’t a Valentine’s Day fan – if you have small children, the day is a fun one! The opportunity to surprise them with cards, candy, and letters is not one to be missed. Children thrive on the affection of their parents, and few things make them feel more important than to be the recipient of special tokens of the same.

I don’t know about all children, but mine seem to have a “craft” love language. Because of this, I make the effort to celebrate this adorable holiday with Valentine’s Day crafts. Continue reading