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Crafting with Kids

DIYBookmarks DIY Bookmarks!

These bookmarks are as fun to make as they are to use. I like to keep a stack on hand for anyone who needs one. You can also tie a small stack with a ribbon for a thoughtful, homemade gift.


Crafting with Kids

Before you begin gather all your supplies.
You’ll need:
~ Sturdy card stock
~ Fun fabric or scrapbooking paper
~ Pencil
~ Exacto knife
~ Spray adhesive
~ Ribbon

Start by cutting a square of your fabric or scrap book paper into a rectangle that is slightly smaller than the size of your finished bookmark.

Trace the shape of your bookmark and the cut-out shape onto a sheet of card stock.

Get creative with the front cut-out shape! If you don’t want to free-hand it, use whatever objects you can find to trace – small cookie cutters work great! Or, find shapes online to print and trace.

Using an exacto or craft knife, cut out your bookmark and the cutout shape. *Make sure you’re working on a craft mat so you don’t scratch up your work surface!

Use the spray adhesive to tack your patterned fabric or paper in the center and then use a little more to glue the front to the back.

Punch a hole in the top and tie a ribbon through it.

Presto! You’ve got yourself a beautiful new bookmark.

Now for the most important part! Choose a book… and a blanket… a snack… and a space to snuggle up and read… Ahhhhhh.


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