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Halloween Crafts

Fun Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Ghost Footprint Art

Ghost-shaped Halloween cards made from your tot’s tiny toes. Or, make a family “portrait” of ghost feet and hang it proudly on your wall. Kids will love the feeling of slippery, sticky paint on her feet.

Glow Stick Lanterns

How cool are these lanterns?! Simply cut the ends off of your glow sticks, pour into a jar, shake and voila!

Little Monsters

What a fun project for your budding artists! Using recycled cardboard tubes, let your child paint a silly, scary or goofy monster. You can add pom poms and other do dads for decorative trim.

Q-Tip Skeleton

Create a skeleton using q-tips. I bet you already have all of the supplies on hand. This spooky skeleton was glued to black felt to hang as a flag, but you could use black card stock to hang in the home.

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