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5 Must-Have Products for Better Sleep With Babies & Toddlers | Guest Post

You guys!  The Twincesses got big girl bunk beds this past weekend!  I can’t even believe it, they aren’t little babies anymore.  Excuse me while I go cry myself a river….

Speaking of babies, my friend’s son is not sleeping well, so she asked me for some sleep suggestions, advice, or products  that worked for The Twincesses when they were younger, and I thought I’d share them with you.   So, here’s my list of  5 must-have products that help babies and toddlers sleep better. Continue reading

Hot Baby Names: 9 Trends of 2015

From our friends at BellyBallot.com

If you are about to become a parent, you might be pushing through the sometimes-arduous task of picking a baby name. Most parents know exactly which name they want. They found an inspiration in a significant relative, or maybe they’ve just been thinking about a name for a long time.

Many soon-to-be parents don’t have a clue, though, and they have to look for original ideas. An excellent site to browse all kinds of baby names is Belly Ballot. Baby names on this site are divided conveniently into categories and lists by ethnic origin, popularity, as well as fun groups such as “Last Names for First Names”, “Heroic Names”, or “Aristocratic Names”.

In the year 2015, parents have become much more daring and they look for names that are unique and will make their child stand out from the crowd. Most of the newest trends are very

1. Fearless, defining names – These names make a clear statement, they’re bold and grandiose. Some of them include Titan, Noble, Saint, Royal, Rowdy and Breaker. This
trend is popular with many celebrities.

2. Food-inspired names – Foodies are on the march and not just in restaurants! Popular food-inspired names include Juniper, Clementine, Apple or Kale.

3. Short names of simplicity – Simple one-syllable names are surging from Europe, no longer being a nickname, but simply standing on their own – Max, Finn, Jack, Tess, Ben,
Lou and others.

4. Vivid, colorful names – Some of these names were once popular and now it’s time for their comeback. Parents love to name their children after hues and colors – Scarlett,
Lavender, Violet, Crimson, Mauve or Azure are some of the favorites.

5. Southern-style names – Many parents find inspiration in the tradition of US southern states, with popular names such as Georgia, June, August, Tennessee, Carolina or

6. Ethnic names – Projecting ethnicity into baby names is nothing new under the sun, but this year it is mostly Celtic and Scottish names that are becoming more and more
popular – meet Fiona, Greer, Isla, Duncan or Lachlan.

7. Names ending in O – Previously it was mainly boy names that ended in a vowel (typically an O). But now we’re seeing more girl names ending the same way – Willow, Margot,
Monroe, Shiloh, Marlow or Juno.

8. Fictional character names – Inspired by popular movies and TV shows, favorite fictional character names change every year, depending on which shows are “in” or “out”. In
2015 names such as Anastasia, Lisbeth, Milo, Piper, Elsa, Sky or Vito have grown

9. Unisex names back with boys – Usually when a boy’s name becomes unisex and frequent for girls, parents tend to disqualify it for their baby boys for some time – as in the
case of Leslie which started as a boy’s name, but then was completely taken over by the female population. Now we’re seeing boys taking their unisex names back – Loren,
Tatum, Kelly, Jamie, Casey, Carey, Darian, Rory or Jordan.