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Dr David Kay's Snack & Play Travel Tray Review


“The Snack and Play® Travel Tray by Star Kids® Products brings to the table an innovative product that can be very beneficial for young children and driving safety as well as for any age in a population using wheelchairs. It is safe and effective in its purpose. Its applications allow for it to be effectively used more in these arenas. I have personally used the product and was able to fit it nicely onto my child’s car seat and stroller. The two side storage compartments have been helpful in storing my child’s bottle and other toys when he isn’t using them. The wall is 2 inches high and does a great job at stopping food from falling off and helps my child’s toys from getting lost in between our car seats. This is a great product and I personally recommend it!

Dr. David Kay D.O.
Family Medicine
Los Angeles, CA


“We recently bought 2 of these for a longish road trip to my in-laws’ home. I have 2 very active three year olds with VERY short attention spans- these trays were great for them! First off, they are lightweight and easily stored in our vehicle, plus they are soft and thus should not hurt our children in the event of an accident. Second, they were very easy to hook and unhook from their car seats, so pretty easy to get them in and out of their seats when we made stops. Third, they LOVE the side pockets for storage- it made it so easy for them to stick their cups and other activities in the pockets so they could move on to another project. Fourth, these were handy trays for eating their snacks/meals while we were on the go! WELL worth the investment!”

Amazon Review
Mommy of Twins


“I read a lot of reviews on different trays before purchasing this one, and I am very happy with our purchase. My daughter is 20 months old, and the first time I used the tray, she didn’t want to get out of the car! She loves it and uses it for puzzles, books, games, snacks, etc. If you are wondering what types of car seats this tray works with, we have the Britax Roundabout in one car and the Britax Marathon in another, and the tray works great with both.”

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Snack and Play Review by Mommy in Leggings



“This is a great travel tray for my 3 year old son. We have a Britax carseat and this fits perfectly. It is just sturdy enough that he is able to eat snacks, color, and play with his cars and other small toys. It also keeps everything from constantly falling on the floor. The mesh pockets on the side are also a great feature.”

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“This is a flexible, soft surface tray that can be used over a car seat or stroller and is great for placing over the tray on an airplane. The 2-inch border prevents toys and food or drink from falling on the floor. It is nice to know that the surface my son is playing and eating off of is more sanitary than a tray table on the airplane! I fold the tray in half and put it in the bottom of the stroller or strapped to our bag for easy transport through the airport. The Snack and Play® Travel Tray is a “JetWithKids” recommended product!”

Amazon Review
Anya Clowers, RN “JetWithKids”


“Easy to buckle on and off! It’s really easy to store it away when my son is done using it. I especially liked this product when I grab food on the go for my son and I’m driving. He also loves to play and color while on the road.”

Toys R Us Review
Cristina, Los Banos, CA


“This is a MUST HAVE for kids in car-seats. I take that back, for kids PERIOD!! This tray is perfect for trips across town or long car rides. This travel tray is so very, VERY HANDY!! I know, I know…. tell us how you really feel right?!?! It’s just that this is so perfect for kids!”

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“These are AMAZING for traveling. We have two. One for each kiddo ages 6 and 4. Perfect for eating on the road, reading, drawing or even playing with race cars. As the mother of a special needs son who loves to play, this has saved us from many freak outs! Thanks so much for providing this product at an amazing price.

Facebook Review
“Star G.”

Omg, this Star Kids Snack N Play Travel Tray came thru in the clutch when Blaze had a spontaneous meltdown right before we were about to take off. Calmed him right down! It provides a flat surface for your child to color or place electronics and compartments for their favorite books, stuffed animal, and sippy cup. It def assisted in keeping him entertained during our drive.”

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@shyshy43 (Blade Brown)