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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids – Hearts Galore!

Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, pink, and love.

Even if you aren’t a Valentine’s Day fan – if you have small children, the day is a fun one! The opportunity to surprise them with cards, candy, and letters is not one to be missed. Children thrive on the affection of their parents, and few things make them feel more important than to be the recipient of special tokens of the same.

I don’t know about all children, but mine seem to have a “craft” love language. Because of this, I make the effort to celebrate this adorable holiday with Valentine’s Day crafts.

Hearts are a shape that most children can identify by preschool. Drawing and cutting heart shapes is fantastic dexterity practice for younger children and can easily be recreated as geometric puzzles for older children. Plus, the results will serve as perfect, budget-friendly decor for your home the month of February.

Because of this, we have focused this year’s Valentine’s Day crafts on hearts!

We have created a Pinterest Board with a collection of some of our favorite heart craft ideas. And don’t worry – there are crafts in there that even your boys will want to take part in!

These are a few of the many ideas you’ll find on our Pinterest board – be sure to check them all out!

We love Logger’s Wife’s Valentine Roundup and the heart shaped animal Valentine’s Day crafts she has there!
Crafty Morning has come up with this RAWR-some Lion Heart Craft that we love for those who aren't so into pink!
Crafty Morning has come up with this RAWR-some Lion Heart Valentine’s Day Craft that we love for those who aren’t so into pink!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? We’d love to read about them in the comments!

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