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How Close Is Your “Driving Age” To Your Real Age? Find Out With This Reactions Test

Need to prove you don’t drive like an old granny? This game could be for you. All you need to do is hit the keyboard the moment you see the red stop sign and it guesses your age based on your reaction time.

The game was created by JustPark, a London startup that specializes in pre-bookable parking. To create the algorithm which determines your driving age, they recorded the reaction times of 2,000 people aged 18 and above.

The Daily Mail reported some of the other findings of the survey. People who drink one to five cups of tea or coffee tended to have better reactions, and heavy drinkers – those who consume between 31 and 40 units of alcohol a week – had slower reactions. Perhaps equally unsurprising, drivers who used their car most regularly had better reaction times. In the battle of the sexes, men came out on top with an average of 547 milliseconds, compared to the women’s average of 566 milliseconds

Weirdly, left-handed people had an average time of 461 milliseconds, compared to their right-handed counterparts at 525 milliseconds.

To play the game, just click start and hit the keyboard as soon as the red stop sign appears. Check it out below.

Click Here to play the game!

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