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Baby Registry Must Haves for 2017 (Part 1, Newborns)

Every expecting parent has two questions:

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“What do we need to register for?”

The baby registry seems like an overwhelming task. Have you ever seen expectant parents wandering the aisles of a baby store with the scanner in hand? They generally look pretty scared and confused, right?

Don’t be that guy. Be the one who has a plan, a list, recommendations from trusted sources.

We will break this down into parts: Infant Stage, Movers and Shakers,  and Older Babies. Today we’re focusing on the newborns.

Take a look at our baby registry must-haves for 2017!

Infant Stage

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers make life much easier on new parents. Mom can carry and discreetly nurse hands-free. Dad can bond with baby with skin-to-skin time. The fourth trimester where baby just wants to be held is so much smoother with a good baby carrier! Our favorites:

The Baby K’Tan Carrier
With the ability to carry baby in several different positions and the ease of wear, the Baby K’Tan hits the top of our list. There is no wrapping involved and also no buckles to worry about, just an easy to wear carrier that comes in different colors and sizes to fit mama (and daddy!) comfortably!

Safe, comfortable, and stylish, this baby carrier comes in several styles and patterns. Definitely a top pick for active parents!

Beco Arrow Baby Carrier System
Adorable patterns, a sling option, and ease of nursing make these carriers a particularly popular baby registry item. The carriers can be used four ways and adjust to fit Mom or Dad. There is a newborn carrier for babies up to 35 pounds and a toddler carrier for littles up to 60 pounds! The shoulder straps adjust for easy nursing while baby wearing.


We always used Playtex for our girls and had great results. We tried several types of bottles and my older two settled on drop-ins while my youngest loved the Vent Aire type. If you decide to use bottles to feed your baby, these are our favorites!


Life Factory Glass Baby Bottles
For families that prefer to stay away from plastics, this bottle is the clear winner! They are super durable and come with a colorful silicone sleeve to help protect the bottle and make them easier to grip. The great thing about these bottles is not only can they go from fridge to boiling water with no problem, they transition to sippy cup with a simple switch out from nipple to spout!


Babies love to suck to self-soothe. There are so many different types of pacifiers out there now that don’t interfere with nursing or the growth of teeth that pacifiers are a widely added baby registry item.

This is the brand we personally used for our girls. They are orthodontic safe, meaning they won’t interfere with the growth of teeth even with extended use. They come in cute designs and several sizes from infant to older babies. These pacifiers are super affordable and easy to find at many retail outlets!

Our littlest was a paci-aholic. These Mam brand pacifiers didn’t affect her dental health one bit!

Phillips Advent Soothie
This pacifier greatly resembles what is given to most babies in hospitals in the US when they are born. The nipple closely resembles bottles and mom’s nipples and does not cause confusion or difficulty in feeding (in most cases).

Tommee Tippee
These soothing pacifiers are designed with nature in mind in order to maximize acceptance by baby and minimize nipple confusion or orthodontic issues. Nighttime designs glow in the dark for easy location when your little one wakes in the middle of the night!


We talked to a group of moms and asked them what their baby registry must-haves for newborns were. Their answers were creative and sometimes surprising! No guide would be complete without the “Seasoned Mom Must Haves” section.

Soothing Sound Machine
The sound is one we didn’t know we needed as new parents and are SO grateful for! – Lauren, soon-to-be mom of 3
We still use the sound machine and our “baby” is almost 4! – Ashley, mom of 3
The magic of the sound and light machine is that it creates just the right amount of white noise and light that your baby was used to while she was in the womb. It’s been proven over and over again that babies sleep best in a somewhat loud environment – how many of us have soothed our little ones to sleep with a vacuum or the hum of the clothes dryer? Definitely add one to your baby registry; as a bonus, add the battery-operated model so there are no risks of a soundless night if there’s a power outage!

Rechargeable Batteries
So many toys – including the swing- need batteries over a child’s life that this is one of the best investments we made! – Cara, mom of 3

Make sure when you add the rechargeable batteries that you add one or two charging stations with them!

Boppy Nursing Pillow
The Boppy Nursing Pillow has been around for a really long time and this classic is still a must-have. Support nursing, enjoy tummy time, and even use to assist in sitting when baby is ready! There are a ton of uses to this great pillow (just don’t use it to put baby to sleep on!) and it comes in a ton of great prints – add a pillow and a few different covers to your baby registry!

Butt Paste, Gripe Water, and other mom helpers!

  • Gripe Water was great for my baby who cried A LOT. It literally worked within minutes! – Autumn, mom of one. Most babies will end up with gas and diaper rash at some point. Adding Butt Paste and Gripe Water to your baby registry will ensure you’re ready when it happens!
  • The mamas we interviewed all recommended a bouncer – either a Rock And Play or a bouncy seat with vibration.
  • Swaddle blankets or sacks were at the top of the list as well. The type with Velcro closure were preferred for larger or more squirmy babies.
  • Burp rags, soft washcloths, and other absorbent cloths because babies are messy! You can use these items to clean baby, create a changing surface in a pinch, and to clean up any mess that may arise.

Be sure to check back next week for our continuation of this series: Baby Registry Must Haves for 2017 (Part 2: Movers and Shakers)

The links in this article are for informational purposes only. We are in no way compensated for these opinions, which are our own, and these items are just an example of a large variety of available options.


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