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Safe Travels: Three Tips on Making Travel With Your Kids Safe and Fun

As a children’s accessory company, we are passionate about kids – and their safety!

We know that as parents, your number one priority is keeping your children safe. At Star Kids Products, our mission is to create travel accessories that are fun and safe for your children to use.

There are several steps you can take to maximize your children’s safety while traveling. We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you three ways to do just that!travelsafelyGeneral Safety Tips

There are many parts of life that require special attention when it comes to keeping our children safe. Since children rely upon the adults in their lives to help keep them safe, David Patterson has provided us with his Health & Safety Guide with tips on topics ranging from travel safety to water safety to neighborhood safety.

Safety & Star Kids Products

The Snack and Play Travel Tray, Snack and Play Travel Tray 2.0, and the Play-N-Go are all tested extensively for safety and comply with all local and federal safety requirements as a children’s toy and travel accessory. We voluntarily had the Snack and Play Travel Tray crash tested and every year our product’s raw materials are tested for compliance with all regulatory requirements – and we always pass with flying colors!

Safety & Your Child’s Seat

Did you know your child’s car seat can also go through safety checkups? Your local fire station will check your vehicle to be sure that your child’s seat is installed properly, and you can find other locations to help make sure your children are properly restrained here.

Having your child’s seat checked periodically is a good practice to get into – each time your child graduates to a different seat, for example, is a great time to have it checked!

Safety & Travel Accessories

Another way to ensure your child’s safety while in the car is to follow car seat guidelines regarding accessories. Most car seat companies do not advocate adding toys or accessories that connect directly to your child’s seat as this can create an obstacle should you be involved in an accident and need to get your child out of the car quickly.

The Snack and Play Travel Tray and Snack and Play Travel Tray 2.0 comply with these safety recommendations as the strap secures around your child, not his seat. The soft, pliable foam and nylon that make up the trays will not injure your child if he is using the tray while involved in an accident. (My three year old has actually been able to wiggle her way out of her Snack and Play Travel Tray during a particularly impressive tantrum! She was able to bend it in such a way that her legs ended up on top of the tray rather than under it. The tray and the toddler both came out of the car completely unscathed.)

As an added bonus, children will not be trying to bend onto the floor to retrieve dropped toys or snacks, as the Snack and Play Travel Tray is designed to keep toys and snacks within reach and off the car floor.

For more information regarding what type of seat is best for your child and your State’s child restraint laws, visit this website.

This article was updated May 9, 2017

One thought on “Safe Travels: Three Tips on Making Travel With Your Kids Safe and Fun

  1. I wish they would have had trays like that when I was a kid. My brother and sister were always dropping their things on the floor, and they would cry until I bent down to get it for them from the middle seat. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they didn’t repeat the process every 2 minutes. I am going on a big trip with my brother and his family next month, and his kids are still small enough to be in car seats. I’ll definitely have to suggest something like these to my brother and sister-in-law before the trip.

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