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10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th!

Is there a soon-to-be mama in your life? Have you been struggling with what to get her for Mother’s Day this year?

We’ve got some great ideas for you!


Gift Ideas for Moms-To-Be on Mother’s Day

  • Pampering Products

    Your expectant mom is doing a lot of hard work right now! One of the best gifts you can give her is the ability to take some time to care for herself. Find a caffeinated skin cream that she can rub into her belly to nourish her skin and help prevent stretch marks. Bath salts that she can soak her tired, swollen feet in and a hair mask will pamper her from head to toe! Pick up a few items for her, along with some chocolate and a few yummy smelling candles. Wrap them up in a pretty basket she can use after the baby comes to store sweet little socks or hats and you will have a sure winner!

  • Full Body Pillow

    There’s nothing that presents a bigger challenge in pregnancy than getting comfortable with a big baby belly! Full-body pillows are pregnancy lifesavers. Your expectant mama will love you for picking one up for her on Mother’s Day! You can find many different pillows, but this one from Amazon caught our eye because it can be used in so many different ways!

  • Anything she’s craving!

    You will probably make her cry when you show up on Mother’s Day with the pickle and peanut butter combo she’s been craving like crazy but that’s OK – it means you did good! I know when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter if anyone would have shown up at my door with biscuits, butter, and green olives I would have been the happiest mom-to-be ever! Offer to come to her house to cook and clean up afterwards and give her a few hours off her feet to just enjoy her delicious, albeit probably weird, meal.

  • Cool Mist Humidifier

    Pregnancy has a way of congesting expectant moms, making a humidifier a mom-to-be necessity. Cool mist humidifiers have the unique benefit of being great for mom and the baby when he arrives. Be sure to get her something that has a large enough canister to humidify her room all night long so she doesn’t have to get up to refill it! (You know she’s getting up enough for bathroom trips already!) Added bonuses to look for are nightlights, sound, and fragrance features!

  • Something For The Baby

    You know the expectant mom is dying for things off her registry, so why not treat her to a sweet baby item this Mother’s Day? We have a great list of ideas for you to reference. And of course a Play-N-Go would be a great addition to her gear collection since baby can start using it as early as 6 months old!

  • Cleaning Service

    What would be a better Mother’s Day gift than a whole day off from household duties? Hiring a cleaning service for a day would be music to any expectant mother’s ears! Make sure to collaborate with her partner beforehand if you plan on scheduling a specific day.

  • Belly Casting Kit

    You know the expectant mom is going to want to memorialize her amazing pregnant belly! A fun way to do this is with a belly casting kit – a mold she can make at home! Pick one up on Amazon and add a few paints and fun stickers to the gift to really make it extra special.

  • Maternity and/or Newborn Photo Session

    Speaking of memorializing the amazing pregnant belly – think about gifting the expectant mom a maternity and/or newborn photo session with a professional photographer! Mother’s Day is a great time to get nature-inspired outdoor photo shoots, making this gift extremely well-timed for celebrating the miracle of pregnancy and birth. The mom-to-be will be able to look back on these photos for years to come and remember this magical time!

  • Super Comfy Footwear

    There’s nothing quite like trying to put on shoes while pregnant. A great Mother’s Day gift for an expectant mom would be easy to slip on, comfortable foot wear. Extra cushy sandals with wide straps, shoes without laces, and even fuzzy slippers would be an amazing gift for her! You’ll be saving her time and frustration and helping her look and feel good, too!

  • A Keepsake

    Most expectant mothers are pretty emotional and sappy. It comes with the hormones! A great gift that will play to this side of her is a keepsake. An ornament, a framed print, a baby book, or a piece of jewelry that she can treasure for years to come are all great options. I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest, my parents got me a picture frame keepsake. It had three photo openings and read “Mom + Dad = Me.” I bawled. It’s still one of my most prized photo frames to this day!

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to give a great Mother’s Day gift for an expectant mom! Put a bit of thought and personality into it and you’re sure to make her day!

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