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Top Baby Names of 2016 (With Their Meanings!)

It’s that time of year again – time for the top baby names of last year!

Did you have a baby in 2016? Did your name make it into the Top 10?

Here are the Top Baby Names of 2016 – with their meanings!

The Top Baby Names of 2017 - And Their Meanings


  1.  Sophia – A name with Greek origins that means Wisdom
  2.  Emma – A name from the German language that means Strength
  3.  Olivia – An English name first used in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night meaning Olive Branch
  4.  Ava – A short and sweet name meaning Bird
  5.  Mia – A name of Latin origin meaning Wished For
  6.  Isabella – A historically popular name among royals, meaning Devoted to God
  7.  Riley – An English name that means Wood Clearing or Valiant
  8.  Aria – A name with Italian origins that means Melody – it was made popular recently with the popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones
  9.  Zoe – A name with Greek origins that means Life
  10.  Charlotte – With roots in English and French, Charlotte carries the meaning of Free


  1.  Jackson – A Scottish name meaning God’s Favor
  2.  Aiden – An Irish name meaning Little Fire
  3.  Lucas – A name with Greek origins meaning Light Giving
  4.  Liam – An Irish name meaning Strong-Willed Warrior and Protector
  5.  Noah – A Hebrew name with the meaning Comfort
  6.  Ethan – A Hebrew name meaning Strong
  7.  Mason – Traditionally a French surname, indicating the type of work done by the named
  8.  Caden – A name of Welsh origin meaning Spirit of Battle
  9.  Oliver – A French name meaning Olive Tree
  10.  Elijah – A Hebrew name meaning Yaweh is God

Names to consider for 2017

Are you having a baby this year? Here are some name suggestions depending on what type of meaning you’d like the name to have!

Earthy – For the parents who want to pay homage to Mother Earth
Phoenix, Amber, Eden, Eve, Jade, Iris, Silver, Dawn, Jasper, Luna, Willow, Dale, Zephyr, Poppy, and River

Edgy – Names that will be unique, interesting, or non-traditional
Atticus, Axyl, Brax, Hayes, Flora, Woodson, Pike, Neva, Lola, Otto, Roscoe, Tennyson, Zola, Mikkel, and Fenton

Peaceful – For parents who want to instill peace into their child from birth
Stella, Frederick, Tully, Paxton, Galen, Axel, Jonah, Milo, Dove, Irene, Serenity, Shalom, and Shalima

Characteristics – Name your child for characteristics you wish upon them (such as strength, bravery, or justice)
Angus, Bridget, Zale, Alden, Irving, Chara, Madoc, Mika, Zara, Aldo, Sage, Rainer, Imara, Matilda, and Baldwin

What are your favorite baby names? Leave them in the comments below!

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